Public works

ART PROJECTS Nobody but Me at Mora Hospital A series of paintings for Mora Hospital. These works were also made into a book with the same title. It is a narrative about a little boy’s adventure floating on a river in a rubberboat. A story about untying the knot to the little boat that is ... Läs mer


ART PROJECTS Sculptures When I get a chance I like to carve in wood. I take walks in the woods and I always find something, a branch or a root, something that speaks to me. The form is already there. I just enhance it a bit.


ART PROJECTS/VIDEO uoy evol I Original title: gid rakslä gaJ A videoinstallation where children are standing along the four walls in a room. A whisper is carried from child to child, around and around in a loop. The viewer is standing in the middle of the room surrounded by the whisper. The whisper is a ... Läs mer

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

ART PROJECTS Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas (the vanity of vanities) The title is taken from a Bible quotation from Ecclesiastes (1:2). Vanitas is a common motif in art history showing the transience of earthly life. Still lives of decaying flowers or the use of symbols such as a skull or a clock. In my vanitas ... Läs mer


ART PROJECTS Paintings: The Vita series I made a series of paintings of the character Vita and her world. She paints her lines through different situations, places, seasons. She continues on her road no matter what. She is focused on getting her white lines down, one by one, trying to have some kind of control, ... Läs mer

White Lines

ART PROJECTS WHITE LINES - an installation This installation is based on the books about Vita, the girl who paints the white lines on the road. 230 children (ages 5-6) took part in the creation of this peice. The goal was to create a world in which Vita lives. The children were given a block ... Läs mer