Artist Statement

What I do and how I do it:

Making pictures is like putting together a puzzle. It is a search , a constant inner dialogue between me and the paper. I try not to think to much but instead follow my first impuls. I am a narrative artist and work with both words and pictures, as a writer, as an illustrator, as an artist. I make books, paintings and video works. Or any other artform or material that I feel curious about.

I often work with the fairy tale idiom and archetypes. I like to mix in a dose of surrealism. The state between dream and reality interests me. I’m trying to dig where I stand. Most times when I paint, I start off not knowing what to paint, I have no clear plan, but images emerge during the work.

There is a sense of humour and strangeness in my work. An anticipation of the big catastrophy. Life and death. I am interested in the transition from childhood to adulthood. Guilt and shame. A recurring color is red.