The Summer of Diving

Original title: Dykommar
Author: Sara Stridsberg
Published: Mirando Bok, 2019

One day Zoe’s dad is gone. She is told that he has become ill and needs to be in a psychiatric hospital for a long time. When she and her mother go to see him, he says that he can’t handle any visits, he needs to be alone. But Zoe keeps coming anyway, and while waiting for her father to get better, she meets the swimmer Sabina, who becomes her friend.

The Summer of Diving is related to Sara Stridsberg’s acclaimed novel Beckomberga – Ode till min familj (The Gravity of Love – Ode to My Family, 2014). It’s the same mythical place, the same main characters and basic storyline, but portrayed from a child’s point of view, inner world and gaze. It’s a vibrant story about a parent’s lost joy of living and a child’s longing for closeness, but also about the power of dream and imagination. Despite the dark theme, the story is full of humor and lightness.