Forgetting Day

Original title: Glömdagen
Published: Mirando Bok, 2021

“Hurry up,” says Noah’s mother. He has been invited to a birthday party and they have to buy a present before the party starts. But Noah doesn’t want to go; the whole class will be there, and he never plays with Alma. “I’m sure it’ll be super fun,” Mom says, and then they hurry across town to look for a gift.

They rush hither and thither between stores. When they find a present at last, Noah realizes he’s forgot his jacket somewhere (it’s back at the clothing store). Then Noah’s cap also disappears (they find it in the toy store)! And when the party is about to start, the present itself is gone, too!

Before the dizzying “forgetting day” is over, something happens that gets Noah and his mother to discover who is the worst forgetter of all (hint: it isn’t Noah)!