Fågeln i mig flyger vart den vill

BOOKS The Bird Within Me Flies Wherever it Wants Original title: Fågeln i mig flyger vart den vill Published: Mirando Bok, 2017 What do you do when it feels impossible to live up to everything that is expected of you? What do you do when the only person who understands you disappear? When you are ... Läs mer

Jag och alla

BOOKS Me and Everybody Original title: Jag och alla Author: Ylva Karlsson Published: Rabén & Sjögren, 2019 How does it feel to whoosh forward on the highway in one’s dad’s truck, or to grow up in a war-torn place, or to do whatever one wants without an adult saying no? These are some of the ... Läs mer


BOOKS The Summer of Diving Original title: Dykommar Author: Sara Stridsberg Published: Mirando Bok, 2019 One day Zoe’s dad is gone. She is told that he has become ill and needs to be in a psychiatric hospital for a long time. When she and her mother go to see him, he says that he can’t ... Läs mer


BOOKS Forgetting Day Original title: Glömdagen Published: Mirando Bok, 2021 “Hurry up,” says Noah’s mother. He has been invited to a birthday party and they have to buy a present before the party starts. But Noah doesn’t want to go; the whole class will be there, and he never plays with Alma. “I’m sure it’ll ... Läs mer


BOOKS The Cat Way Original title: Kattpromenaden Published: Bonnier Carlsen, 2023 Every day they go for a walk together, the human first and the cat a few steps behind. They always make the same rounds and there’s a particular spot where they usually stop to play hide and seek. But one day, the cat is ... Läs mer

Ingen utom jag

BOOKS Nobody but me Original title: Ingen utom jag Published: Natur & Kultur, 2024 A story about untying the knot to the little boat that is attached to the pier, and glide away from the mother who is close by. The child embarks on long journey and sees the world as it is. He comes ... Läs mer